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The following are a number of my favorite quotes and analogies that have helped me over the years.

We're all different and unique in what we personally find meaningful. My hope is that you may find some inspiration here.

"Trust in the Process"

"One Day at a Time? Sometimes, it's one minute!"

"Hope Anchors the Soul"

"On any given day, simply do your best with what you have, where you' re at, and how you feel" 

"Be as kind to yourself as you would to a cherished loved one"  

"Your cells can hear you" 

"Even if you can only take one small step, you're still one step closer to reaching your goals" 

"Progress is often 'one step forward and two steps back'. Expect, accept, and learn from 'the two steps back'."

"Instead of labelling it as a 'failure', see it as a learning opportunity" 

"We can only love others as much as we love ourselves"

"If you listen, test, trust, and follow that inner voice, you will make wise decisions with peaceful confidence." Keisha Blair

"You can only give from your overflow"

"Try to let go of deep attachments to specific, expected outcomes". Sometimes we can be pleasantly surprised.

"Hold it lightly"

"Don't Make Things Precious" Dr. Lisa

"Be aware of the energy, beliefs, and perspectives that you bring to situations" 


A bit about me... 

I am often asked about the inspiration in my business name (Graceful Life Counselling). Grace seems to have journeyed through life with me. I was born at Grace Maternity Hospital. My beloved Golden Retriever was named Gracie and just before I opened my practice, a dear friend gave me an Angel that said 'Amazing Grace'. I've always loved that song.

In general though, I've found that a combination of cherishing precious moments with family and friends, embracing the healing of nature and animals, being mindful of the natural (and free!) gifts in life such as birds, water views, flowers, rainbows and sunsets, a quality latte, and carving out time to laugh and dance have helped me maintain a more helpful perspective, and live life as gracefully as I can. 

My hope is that my clinical background and professional training may assist you in living your life as gracefully as you can.